Umbrella Day? Month? Season?


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According to my Boynton Page-A-Day Calendar, February 10th was Umbrella Day last year.  I fear that particular holiday did not make the cut this year (unless it’s of the traveling sort and will turn up in another month).  Regardless, it is a day to be recognised in some way, especially this year.

Belgium has had the least amount of sunlight in December for 100 years.  According to The Guardian newspaper, there were 11 hours of sunshine, but whoever was measuring was not in my neighborhood because I’m certain we didn’t reach that mark.  One thing I know for sure is that since mid-November, we have only had a handful of days without rain.  Hence the importance of Umbrella Day – or in our case, Umbrella Season. Get outside! Get an umbrella!  Or perhaps I should reverse that order.

I plan to petition Sandra Boynton to include a Walk in the Woods Day in her next calendar.  Of course, one would not want everyone going out to the woods at the same time – so perhaps she could stagger the celebration…Walk in the Woods Day for those whose last names start with A -M, for example.  Or better yet, make EVERY day Walk in the Woods Day! To be Boynton, one could say, “Happy Walk in the Woods Day, even if it isn’t Walk in the Woods Day where you live.”

We could always combine umbrellas and walks. If you live in Belgium you are likely to do this anyway. Grab an umbrella on or around February 10th – or whenever suits your fancy  – and go for a walk in the woods, the park or just your neighborhood. Walk!  Walk prepared!  Because in some places in this world, if one waits for the ‘right’ weather, one can wait a long wait.

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