Searching for Bluebells

Daughter on the lookout for the best display of bluebells

My daughter made a flying visit home in between seeing friends and returning to school.  We took advantage to have an Easter ‘Grampa Special Breakfast’ with her (so named because my dad used to make a big brunchy breakfast at least once when we were in town.  Mom, of course, did all the other meals.  She is known for making the Best Spaghetti Ever.).

It had rained all morning but by the time breakfast was over and dishes were washed, the skies had cleared.  Daughter and I put on coats (and scarves) and went on an expedition to search for signs of bluebells.   Continue reading


Wildflowers or Weeds


I don’t know what it is like where you live, but today we are having a delicious taste of spring.  I have to write quickly because I don’t know how long it will last.  However, just now it is sunny and warm. People are outside. Most are in t-shirts, or like me, in layers that are soon shed. Color is everywhere. Yellow! Purple! Green!

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