Wildflowers or Weeds


I don’t know what it is like where you live, but today we are having a delicious taste of spring.  I have to write quickly because I don’t know how long it will last.  However, just now it is sunny and warm. People are outside. Most are in t-shirts, or like me, in layers that are soon shed. Color is everywhere. Yellow! Purple! Green!

Spring is indeed refreshing and uplifting.  The trees are budding and even the horse chestnut trees look hopeful (even though one knows that come September they will be brown and sickly due to some sort of insect). Right now it is April and they look magnificent. And around their trunks are pale lavender, almost white bell-like flowers. They may be wildflowers or weeds, but at the moment they are as beautiful as the tiny daisies and dandelions with their happy, sunny faces.

Yesterday I wanted a warming soup for dinner. Tonight I’m looking forward to salad. Funny how weather can have an effect on moods, emotions and menus! So far I haven’t smelled anyone firing up a grill but maybe people weren’t quite confident in the forecast…or maybe they’re all away on vacation since we are in the middle of spring break.

I’m just glad to have a spring-like day to rejoice in.


4 thoughts on “Wildflowers or Weeds

    1. In my enthusiasm I kind of forgot that there are some nuisances related to spring…like Neighbor Noise. Yes, the folks whose balcony is opposite our excuse for a balcony have turned on their outside radio again…BUT I am concentrating on the good things!!


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