New Year’s Day 2017

Here it is, New Year’s Day.  I have a hard time thinking of January 1st as the start of a new year. For me, that honor belongs to September with the distinct end of summer and all the back to school hoopla.  However, I have been reflecting a bit, not over the year but just over the Christmas holiday.  Didn’t want to overdo things.

What, I asked myself, did you enjoy most about this particular holiday?  That was easy.  The best part was having my daughter and son home. And the best part of that was a walk in the woods with my daughter and taking each one out for tea – lots more conversation over a lemon tart or croissant than over computers at home.

I also enjoyed Christmas Day, although we missed having dinner with our good friends who were away this year.  But it was fun to laugh over funny gifts and be touched by thoughtfulness.  My son gave me the cutest fluffy slippers that have tiny bunny ears that just peep out as my feet burrow in my slippers. My daughter fed my craft bug and gave me tools for card making. Books were high on everyone’s  list and hopefully there will be sharing around of new things to read.  I just finished An Hour Before Daylight by Jimmy Carter which my husband gave me.  If you’re interested in history this gives a very vivid picture of a boy’s view of life in rural Georgia way back when.  Now I’m trying to get a start on one of my son’s books before he takes it back with him to school.  I think I’ll be able to get through a few chapters.

During the vacation I have been busy doing various crafts because the bug bites when I have free time.  But I am most proud of repairing my daughter’s coat.  My mother made this coat for me when I was in college (for context, that was 30 some years ago now. Egads!).  It is now ‘vintage.’ While the coat itself is still in very good shape , the lining was in shreds. I had some idea that I would just tack another layer on top of it.  It ended up being slightly more complicated, but thankfully there was a second lining inside that was intact and I was able to use that as a pattern. It has been a couple days now and the lining hasn’t pulled out yet so all may be well.

Other things I’ve been pondering… Although I have enjoyed my Christmas break, I just haven’t been up to all the bustle and excitement. Every year I wonder whether or not I have completely transformed into Scrooge or if there is still hope for me.  I was encouraged by some thoughts in a newsletter from friends who are missionaries at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya and now I have this quote on a sticky note on my computer:

‘Be encouraged, friends, that no matter how murky the room you find yourself in, the light of our hope in Christ – for joy in the midst of pain, for peace in the midst of anxiety, for life that continues on even after death – WILL break through the darkness!’

So that is what I hope I will head into the new year with: the reminder that The people walking in darkness have seen a great light, and The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

Happy New Year!  Let your light so shine 🙂



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