School is Out!

end-of-the-year-amenWhile summer officially started June 21st, everyone knows it really starts when school lets out, whenever that may be where you live.  For me, that day was today. Finally.  But it hasn’t really hit me yet. Despite feeling like this was the longest week on record, it seems like I’m just starting a regular weekend.  Maybe the summer feeling will kick in Monday when I don’t have to get up and out before anyone else is awake.  But I suspect that unless the weather makes a change for the better, it will still feel more like early March than the proper season.

I had a very nice last day – relaxed,easy, and creative. I did try to fit in something academic: I challenged my class to figure out the difference between the number of teeth they’d lost this year (62) and the number my class lost last year (43). That took a rather surprising amount of time. Then there was some Math Hangman, but after that I stopped trying to be good.  We made paper airplanes and then went and tested them on the playground.  The next challenge was to make something out of an old sheet of flip chart paper, using only leftover labels as tape.  Lots of ideas there.

While all this was going on, I tried to clean up the classroom and pack some of my things in preparation for a move downstairs, but most of that will have to wait until next week.

As I left this afternoon, it felt like just another day.  Now that I’ve been sitting for a bit, I’m starting to feel tired and am grateful for the gifts of chocolate I received.  For those that don’t know, I’m not a big fan of end-of-year gifts, at least in principle.  But gifts will be given.  For once, this year the parents of my class gave me a (very generous) class gift and did not then add a zillion other things. And I appreciated that. But. I confess. I did rather hope for some chocolate. Two children and one colleague fulfilled my unspoken desire today. So I have happily spent the time since I got home sampling everything. Several times.

Have a great summer – or what’s left of it, for some of you!metamorphis


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