The Path Less Traveled By

This morning I found myself making a quick bakery run for the second week in a row. I was out and back inside of ten minutes. Last week was a different story.

Last week I was up early for a Sunday and heard my daughter stirring. I knocked softly on her door and asked if she was up for an early(ish) morning walk. She hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. There was a slight hesitation. Breakfast or walk? The walk won out. I envisioned a brisk turn around the neighborhood, but A opted for the woods. With an internal sigh, I agreed. I love the woods, but that automatically took the walk from ‘brisk’ to ‘serious.’

Off we went. But then, in her typical decision-making style, A wondered aloud whether we should not have taken another itinerary in order to stop at a bakery and get a croissant. No problem, I gaily countered. We can turn our woods walk into a bakery run with little trouble. We just go into the woods, turn left, hit the perpendicular path, turn left and we’re practically there.

(Scroll down to the video on this link- beautiful scenery even if you don’t understand French!)

So I said. We entered the woods and enjoyed the quiet. Only a few dog walkers were out. It was peaceful and green. And muddy. Neither of us had on the appropriate footwear, but appropriate footwear was not called for on my anticipated quick walk around the block. On we marched. In her breakfast-less state, A began to lose steam. But we were almost to the perpendicular path. At this point it was as far to return as to go on. On we went! This path led exactly to where I expected, but it was much, much longer than either of us remembered. First it was a dirt path. Then it turned into a street lined with very impressive homes. Estates, really. This road ended in stairs, after which the road continued but the houses were much more mundane. On and on. An hour after starting out, we finally wiggled our way around to the targeted bakery.

The line for the bakery stretched past three stores. We joined the end and waited, discussing what we would get. We had ample time to admire the goods in the window. And to read all the posters on the door. One of these announced that it was Father’s Day. That explained the hat shaped cakes in the window. Neither of us had been aware of this event. We quickly added some items to our mental list.

After making our purchases, A promptly ate a restorative pastry and we headed home, a mere mile up the road. Even after all that time, neither husband nor son was up yet so we were able to set out all our goodies and make it look like we had planned this wonderful treat all along!

This week as I headed to the bakery, I looked as two roads diverged…and I -I didn’t even hesitate. I took the shortest distance between two points.  Apologies, Robert Frost.



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