Hair Days

(Pig picture deleted at photographer’s request.  Too bad – the pig’s hair was better than mine!)

Dear Friend,

I know there are more important things than a bad haircut. Or even just an okay one. I know that. I have been around long enough to discover that hair grows and an unlovely hairstyle will not last. Alas, a flattering hairstyle won’t either, but that is only fair. So, far be it from me to have my nose out of joint because my coiffeuse did just what she said she was going to do and I okayed it. I will not stomp around and ruin everyone else’s day just because I have Joyce hair – a family reference to the unfortunate hairstyle on a character in ‘Midsommer Murders.’ I know better than to let a beautiful sunny day be colored by my less than luxurious locks. To be frank , even a good haircut can’t do all that much when one can’t be bothered to style one’s hair anyway.

That is why I am avoiding mirrors for the next week or so, until I stop looking like Joyce.

In the meantime, I will enjoy an unprecedented day off when it’s not an official holiday and everything is closed. And maybe I will eat a little more chocolate, just because.


2 thoughts on “Hair Days

  1. Another Midsommer Murder fan! My daughter can not believe there are any others out there but my husband and me. I hope I do not do Joyce an injustice, but her hair just doesn’t look good on me. (It’s grown out now, by the way.)


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