Recipe Recommendation

Dear Friend,

A while back I recommended at food website to an old friend.  She wrote back to ask which recipes I liked best.  Ah.

I hadn’t actually tried any of them. Just pinning them didn’t count. “Haven’t tried it but this one looks good.” That wouldn’t do.

I determined to make one recipe that very week so I could share a real opinion. I settled on this one: Deliciously Ella’s Perfect Stir Fry.


Ella’s version

I fixed it. We ate it.  Everyone liked it and I thought, “Great!  I can tell Jan this one’s a keeper.”  But I would need to remember to point out that I used less soy sauce than called for.  Oh, and it is supposed to serve two but I have four to feed so I added more of everything. Except cabbage. I had run out by the time I made the dish so I left it out.  And, oh yeah, I forgot to get mushrooms so I didn’t use those either. And I used regular spaghetti noodles instead of buckwheat ones.  Also, as I never have tahini on hand I put in sesame seeds instead. And I think I left out the lemon, too.  So in fact, I’m not sure I could recommend the recipe as is, through no one’s fault but my own. Still, it was a great guide to my own creation and the sauce was a nice change from my usual stir fry.  So I can tell my friend to go for it.  It’s a recipe with good bones but it’s also flexible.

Of course, the consequence of this is, if I ever try to make it again, it won’t taste the same.




4 thoughts on “Recipe Recommendation

  1. Ha! I think you do this to every recipe you make! But I do, too, to some extent 🙂 I think it’s just the sign of a good cook!


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