Why I Started a Blog

Confession time.  I’ve been thinking about blogging for some time, but I doubt I would have ever gotten around to starting one except that one day my daughter suggested a name that I thought sounded fun.  Then my husband did all the looking around to see if the name was taken and suggested he reserve it, you know, just in case I wanted it later.  I said, “Go ahead.”  I thought it would make him happy.  But then I needed to do something with it. Everyone says starting a blog is easy, therefore I felt I should be able to do it on my own. However, technology and I do not get along so well. Hours of frustration and undisclosed amounts of M&Ms later, I had to let myself be tutored.  But, I told myself, this will serve me well.  I will be able to transfer these skills to work, where I am newly responsible for an internal webpage.  Not, I should add, due to my great skill or flaming desire. No.  I won the job by being the one most in need of training in that area.

Today those wonderful transfer skills were called upon.  We needed to get some information out and it was suggested that we use the webpage. Computer whiz Colleague A offered to show me how to do it.  Imagine my excitement.  I slunk off after her, notebook in hand.  I madly wrote down everything she told me as she made a mock page and then – deleted it.  It was up to me to do it myself.  Alone. I managed the text.  I even remembered how to insert images.  But the pictures weren’t in the same format as Colleague A’s.  I couldn’t find the ‘gallery’ button that she so blithely passed over with a quick reference.  I ended up with oodles of the same pictures all over the page and I had NO M&Ms to console me.  Eventually I got rid of the unwanted photos, published the page and even remembered to send a recommendation to the people we were making the page for in the first place. It only took me half the afternoon. I could have typed in all the addresses one at a time and emailed the information in a fraction of the time.

I suspect this is going to be a long learning curve.



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