Sunny Weather

Hello Friends!

As I write, the sky is blue with puffy white clouds. The sun is out! It is almost even warm. It is, in short, a beautiful day! Even sitting inside is nicer when outside it is sunny.

Used to be that my favorite weather was rain. I loved a good rainy day, but that was before I moved to the Kingdom of Gray. Back when I was young and living in Georgia, rain was refreshing and storms were exhilarating (barring the threat of tornadoes of course).   But now a little spot of rain generally means a week of wet stuff, or at least heavy, gray skies that weigh down your every step. Sun, on the other hand, lifts moods and makes everything better. Even the last day of spring break. And while one expects rain to settle in and stay for a while, one presumes that the sun’s visit will be fleeting. So I will enjoy the pleasant weather while it lasts. And tomorrow, I will keep my umbrella handy.




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