Spring Cleaning

Dear Friends,

Thought you’d like to hear the big news of the week: my son CLEANED HIS ROOM. Voluntarily. And he didn’t just pick up the stack of clothes that habitually covers the floor. Nor did he just move the various objects from wherever they’d been dropped into a new pile. He threw things away. He cleaned out his closet. He – yes, it’s true – he pulled things out from under his bed (which he admitted to NEVER having done – but let it be said here and now that I at least have attempted this, so the result was not as bad as it could have been). He moved piles and piles of old notebooks and files and folders into the living room (thank you very much) and filled the hall outside his room with a diverse heap of stuff that eventually made its way neatly back into the bedroom. He dusted! He vacuumed! We did not know what to think of it all. My husband hauled five full boxes off to the recycling center.

And the room? Wow. We can see the floor. It has happened before, but floor sightings remain rare and short-lived. We are enjoying it while it lasts and are making frequent trips to visit his room.




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